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Top 7 Key Factors When Choosing a Certified Business Appraiser

If you are looking to sell your business or make a major investment, a business appraisal can provide valuable insight into the value of your company. A certified business appraiser is a professional who specializes in evaluating the worth of businesses and can provide an accurate and impartial assessment of your company's value. However, with so many appraisers available, it can be difficult to know how to select the right one for your needs. In this blog, we will outline some key factors to consider when choosing a certified business appraiser.

1. Credentials

A good certified business appraiser should have the necessary training and credentials to accurately value your business. Look for appraisers who have earned the Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) designation from the Institute of Business Appraisers, the Certified Valuation Analysis (CVA) designation form the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysis, or the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation from the American Society of Appraisers.

2. Experience

The appraiser's experience is also an important factor to consider. Look for appraisers who have a track record of working with businesses similar to yours and have a deep understanding of the industry and market conditions that impact your business's value. An appraiser who has experience working in your specific industry will be best equipped to provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your business.

3. Reputation

The reputation of the appraiser is also important. Look for appraisers who are well-respected in the industry and have a positive reputation for their work. You can ask for references from other business owners who have used the appraiser's services, or check online reviews to get a sense of their reputation.

4. Communication skills

A good certified business appraiser should be able to explain the valuation process and the results of the appraisal in a clear and understandable manner. Look for an appraiser who is responsive, professional, and willing to answer any questions you may have.

5. Independence

An independent appraiser is a neutral third-party who is not influenced by any particular interest or outcome. It's important to choose an appraiser who is impartial and will provide an objective assessment of your business's value.

6. Fees

The cost of the appraisal is also an important factor to consider. While it is tempting to choose an appraiser based on the lowest fee, it's important to remember that the cheapest option may not always provide the best quality of service. It's better to choose an appraiser who provides quality services at a fair price.

7. Specialization

If your business has unique characteristics, it's important to choose an appraiser who specializes in that area. For example, if your business has a complex ownership structure, you may want to choose an appraiser who specializes in valuing these types of businesses.


Choosing the right certified business appraiser is critical to ensuring that you receive an accurate and impartial assessment of your business's value. Consider the credentials, experience, reputation, communication skills, independence, fees, and specialization of the appraiser when making your decision. By taking the time to carefully select the right appraiser, you can ensure that you receive a comprehensive and accurate valuation of your business.



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