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Business Appraisal - Consulting Report Services


Know your Number!  Business Valuation Solutions offers a wide variety of consulting services to compliment your business valuation:

Business Valuation 1-Year Business Plan Report
1-Year Plan Report

1-Year Plan Report:  Using your business valuation as a baseline, we can produce a 1-Year Plan for you to build your business in a very smart way.  We take companies and create a road map that can be used by an owner or board of directors to grow the business.  It is important to understand all the components of a valuation and the methods used so that you can use that information to your advantage.  Focusing on the valuation criteria can greatly impact future valuations and build value.  Sometimes, these areas of the business can be changed quickly thus resulting in a substantial increase in business value in the short run.

Business Valuation Benefit - Risk Analysis Report
Benefit/Risk Report

Benefit/Risk Report:  Value is built by increasing the benefit stream and reducing risk.  We can produce a Benefit Analysis and a Risk Analysis assessment.  It is always important to have an independent entity looking at your business to help guide you on the way to prosperity.  Knowing how to increase the benefit stream while reducing risk can make a huge difference when you are ready to sell.

Business Valuation Benefit - Ratio Analysis Report
Ratio Analysis Report

Ratio Analysis Report:  Business Valuation Solutions can produce a full Ratio Analysis Report.  The report will compare your company to industry data.  Looking at your balance sheet and your income statement and comparing them to similar companies in your industry is a powerful tool in understanding what needs to change to remain competitive.  These reports also show you what you are doing right so that you can benefit from those advantages.

Business Valuation Benefit - Industry Report
Industry Report

Industry Report:  We can also provide Industry Reports.  We have the latest national, local and industry data.  We can see what the trend is with regard to industry risk and sales transaction data with similar companies.  This gives business owners a sense of the timing of their transaction.  A well informed owner is always ready to sell.  How do you know if it is the right time or if the offer meets or exceeds your number?


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